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Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Baby Turtle Head Start Program Grows

Back in October, ECHO’s "head-start" program started up with more than thirty Eastern spiny softshell turtle babies. In November, the program grew by more than twenty new faces! Twenty neonatal Map and Painted turtles are also now ‘overwintering’ at ECHO.

This is a cooperative program between ECHO and Vermont’s Fish and Wildlife Department. The program’s goal is to support the populations of these species living in Lake Champlain, most importantly, the Eastern Spiny softshell turtle, which is a threatened species in Vermont. Biologists believe there are only around 200 Eastern spiny softshell turtles living in the Lake Champlain basin.
The turtles will stay at ECHO until mid to late June when the Lake temperature warms up enough for the turtle’s release. Stay tuned for more information about the release and join us for this fun, rewarding stewardship activity!

While the babies are at ECHO, they'll be featured every Saturday and Sunday in the 10:30 Live Animal Encounter. Come join ECHO's Animal Care staff behind the scenes; meet the little fellows along with all the other reptiles and amphibians that make ECHO their home.

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