This past weekend I ventured to a place in VT I had never been in my 20 years of living here, Tunbri...

"Bugged out in Tunbridge!"

This past weekend I ventured to a place in VT I had never been in my 20 years of living here, Tunbridge! I represented ECHO along with our excellent mascot Newton (who became a hit and was even in the parade!) Despite the cloudy weather, the turnout was excellent.

I went into this event not fully knowing what to expect- when I arrived to set up it was like I had been transported back to the 19th century ... People were in period dress and riding around on the tall ancient looking bicycles!

As the day kicked off many people stopped by with a smile and said they had heard of us (COOL!!) Even way down south in Brattleboro a
nd Manchester, the ECHO voice is heard very clearly. A lot of people said they recognized us from the news as well, and if you watch Channel 5 WPTZ you’ll know why!

People as far south as Florida were thrilled to learn that VT had such an established aquarium and science center, one of them even worked at an aquarium in Florida and wanted to check us out before her return home!

I was thrilled to see how many people knew about our current exhibit, Backyard Monsters- Many people expressed to me that they would be visiting this summer to check it out- Tunbridge was clearly “bugging out” in the best way possible! Despite the cloudy weather and slight rain, the people made it all worth it. As a new intern it was amazing to see how well known ECHO has become to Vermonters!

To end this post I want to share an awesome video a New England family made as part of a series called My Fit Family that “Demonstrates how your family can grow stronger, happier and healthier together”... It’s a fun video, so check it out! (its video episode #1)

Until next week...


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  1. Nicely written Derek. Sounds like you had a great time!


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