As an intern at ECHO I get to explore this awesome place every time I take a break from work- Today ...

Buggin' Out!!

As an intern at ECHO I get to explore this awesome place every time I take a break from work- Today work was extra cool considering my break included a visit to Backyard Monsters, our current traveling exhibit which I have decided to blog about!

Today I felt like I was shrunken down to a crazy small size (much like the honey I shrunk the kids movie, a 90’s classic!) As I walked in I was greeted by a HUGE Praying Mantis… It was so detailed and even moved which made it incredibly lifelike. Other robotic creatures that soon greeted me were the ants, the dragonfly and the scorpion- Each had great detail to really help you see these normally small bugs from an entirely new perspective! (It’s not every day you can be dwarfed by an ant!)

After the robotic insects I checked out the exhibits… One that stood out to me was the bug eye display! There were two huge eye lenses, one human and one bug. The human lens was normal and easy to see through, the bug eye however was almost impossible! (In the picture you can see why!) I learned that humans have one eye lens per eye whereas bugs can have up to 30,000! Bugs are not able to focus their vision like we can, yet they can get a sharp picture from all directions of sight (unlike humans who only focus on certain things).

I would love to go into detail about making my robotic bug walk, learning why mosquitoes do what they do, and getting up-close and personal with a flea………But I don’t want to give away the rest of the exhibit, so if you have not yet been you really should check it out for yourself…Words and iPhone pictures can only do so much!

Here is a link to the exhibit home-page at our ECHO website, and make sure to post your comments, pictures and stories about your visit with us on our Facebook FanPage (ECHO Lake Aquarium & Science center)

Until next week!


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