For this week's blog I wanted a fresh perspective on ECHO (one that wasn't my own). So, this week I met with Carly Millen, a Junior ...

A Fresh Perspective!

For this week's blog I wanted a fresh perspective on ECHO (one that wasn't my own). So, this week I met with Carly Millen, a Junior at Saint Michael's College in Colchester VT, studying Business, Marketing and International Relations. Carly is the ECHO Events Intern for the summer season…While meeting with her I got a cool inside scoop on events that are held here along with two exhibits that have become her recent favorites!

So why did she choose to intern at ECHO?
“I loved the atmosphere of this place, and I love the opportunity to interact with the great people that visit every day!”… As an event intern, Carly attends the various functions that go on at ECHO including weddings, dinners, and meetings. She quickly added, “It’s cool to see how ECHO transforms to host these events, it’s so open yet you can be anywhere in the building and there is an intimate feeling” She particularly enjoyed a recent wedding she worked at, noting how during the first dance guests had lined along the balcony to watch from above.

What’s a recent ECHO discovery?
Carly checked out the “Awesome Forces” movie last week for the first time! “Learning how the lake was formed along with the Adirondack and Green Mountains was very interesting! It gave great, easy to understand information without overwhelming you, and the cool special effects and lighting really enhanced the viewing too!”

Frog World!?! After asking Carly what her favorite exhibit is at ECHO, she really had to think… Finally, she came up with her answer. “Frog World, in particular the Vietnamese Mossy Frog exhibit”… I had her take me to it to show me firsthand. For a minute or two I stood trying to FIND the frog, until I realized it had been right in front of me the whole time! (It blended right in with the moss… clearly I missed the memo in the name of the exhibit!) This is one interesting frog for sure, considering how much it blends in with its natural habitat. We both learned that this type of frog rolls into a ball to look less edible to the animals that prey on it- and in Southeast Asia where this species originates, habitat loss is threatening its very existence.

This week I got a fresh perspective on ECHO from my fellow intern downstairs, Carly... Here is the link to our Frog World exhibit to learn more
Look back next Friday for the 4th installment of the marketing intern blog posts!
Until then,

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