I was feeling a little hungry while thinking of a blog post for this week... Hunger, and thinking... these two things vaguely reminded me of...

THINK! about it

I was feeling a little hungry while thinking of a blog post for this week... Hunger, and thinking... these two things vaguely reminded me of something, but I couldn’t quite figure out what it was, then it hit me! It was a sign I had to blog about our café here at ECHO! I ventured downward, into the depths of the aquarium, past the general butler shipwreck and the monster bugs that eyed me as I walked by- finally I had arrived to my destination…The ECHO Think! Café...

I wanted to get the scoop on what this café was all about- because it clearly was more than JUST a café… I was quick to learn that the café has the model of “Reduce, Reuse, Recycle” and is extremely sustainable! Everything from compostable utensils, trash bags, and cups to countertops that are made with 50% consumer recycled paper, the Think! Café is one step ahead…Even the paneling on the walls is made of a biofiber wheat-straw that is created from the renewable agriculture source, wheat straw! When you visit the Café it’s easy to get tips on how to be eco-friendly at home with helpful signs and hints… “Think! Café aspires to inspire our diners to make eco-connections between their food choices and the health of the environment”

I had the chance to talk with Marissa, who has worked at the Think! Café since 2008. Marissa’s favorite aspect of the job is meeting people from all over the country and even world that come to visit ECHO…”A few years ago there was a group from Japan, they were taking a photography class I think and it was awesome to see them experience ECHO” Talking with Marissa, I realized how much she enjoyed working on the lake while interacting with guests almost every day.

What do you like most about working on the lake at ECHO?

“Well, I have the best view in the building! When I have a break I love to go out by the water and enjoy the wildlife, the ducks are always a favorite”… “One time, a few friends came on a jet ski to visit for lunch, that was fun!”

What are some popular options in the café?

Marissa was quick to answer, “Down on the Farm and the Out’a Towner are two popular paninis, both really good!”… I did some more research with our office as well, and the “Raise the Roost” Panini was a staff favorite!

I asked Marissa what her favorite exhibit was at ECHO…. “I really enjoy the traveling exhibits, backyard monsters is really cool right now! I love the details in the monster bugs, the one in the entrance is my favorite by far”

Next time you visit ECHO, stop by the Think! Café, enjoy a great local meal, take in the beautiful lake views, and learn about sustainability with your food! Make sure to say hi to Marissa, and let her know you read the blog!

Here is the link to Think! Café ….


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