Ever been to ECHO and wondered about those kids in the green shirts? Weekend shifts are staffed by ...

E-Team: Teen Leaders extradonaire!


Ever been to ECHO and wondered about those kids in the green shirts? Weekend shifts are staffed by the E-Team, ECHO’s Environmental Teen Leadership program. I have the great pleasure to supervise this group of outstanding freshmen and sophomores and learn alongside them as we explore all things, Lake Champlain Basin style.

Elizabeth staffs the button making station.

The E-team is a group of 10 freshmen and sophomores from the Greater Burlington area; Burlington, Winooski, Champlain Valley Union and Vermont Commons School are well represented. When they aren’t educating and delighting guests at ECHO these teens are playing soccer, rowing crew, starring in plays, shredding the slopes, tutoring younger students and siblings, and acting as leaders in their religious communities. Despite the demands of their busy schedules they commit to ECHO for 6 hours every week, and many choose to come in for extra volunteer hours as well!

Emma showing off her frog mask, with Williams at work.

Last month the E-team demonstrated their fabulous leadership skills by hosting students from the C.P. Smith after school program. The elementary school students were able to tour our regular exhibits as well as participate in Conservation Quest programming led by the teens. Not only was this a very fun and exciting afternoon for the C.P. Smith students, it was also very beneficial for the E-Team.

Every week E-Team is at ECHO teaching guests about the Lake Champlain Basin and learning what it means to be a good educator. This additional teaching opportunity gave them the chance to create a lesson plan, share responsibilities and work with a different audience than we usually have on the weekends.

Mohamed plays Wheel of Power with the after school group

School groups are able to visit ECHO at a discounted admission price through the Open Door program. This program is funded by an U.S. EPA grant and the generosity of members participating in the You Give, We Give Campaign.To everyone that has supported ECHO, thank you!

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