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Sunday, April 10, 2011

Tonight (April 10th): Forecast good for Big Herp Move

Tonight's forecast (April 10th) calls for rain until around 9PM with temps in the 50's. If the rains come, I'll be checking out Sherman Hollow and Shelburne Pond Roads looking for the emerging amphibians on the move. I'll be out at dusk until the rain stops, the amphibians stop or my camera battery and I run out of juice. Grab your rain gear, a good flashlight, some coffee and come on out!

Spring Peeper attempting to 'not be seen' ("If I don't move, they won't see me"): often look like pebbles on the road (small enough to set on a nickle).

Spotted Salamander making a road crossing.

Male Wood Frog: males have huge thumbs for grasping females during 'significant' rites of spring. (Note: hands were dipped in pond before picking up frog to avoid harming him with any chemicals on hands.)


  1. Out from dusk until midnight. Many, many, many spotted salamanders on Sherman Hollow; from east end to beaver ponds area. Then on to Pond Rd. Many more peepers on Pond Rd. Lots of frog species. Highlight: on Pond Rd.: a watersnake and two young predacious diving beetles.

  2. Do you run into many venomous snakes on your outings. I have began wearing snake gaiters or snake boots on my outings and feel much more confident. Hope you are seeing some fascinating wildlife that most people do not know even exist. Thanks for the post: Chris