Today, like many other folks living and working around the waterfront, I donned my big brown waders,...

Waders, Raincoats & Work Gloves

Today, like many other folks living and working around the waterfront, I donned my big brown waders, bright red raincoat and I began moving equipment around ECHO to higher ground. Our parking booth on the south side of the building flooded this morning and we had to put it up on stilts like a tiny seaside home. We are now measuring the water level based on how close it is to flooding the foundation--we have about 21" to go--and by the steps that are flooded--one at posting. As we get ready for our Cafe Scientifique tonight, 6:30-8:30--aptly named Emerging Contaminants~Sex, Drugs & Vices that Affect our Water --staff have been moving all of the debris away form ECHO's west side for the building for the media and caterers to get in. But ECHO is one of the lucky businesses on the Burlington Waterfront. Our doors are still open to the public and we are here for you to talk and learn about the Lake, whether you love it or hate it right now. We want to hear from you.

ECHO's Voices for the Lake website is a perfect place for folks to share their experiences, thoughts, passions, concerns, stories and issues related to the Lake. Anyone can write a story, contribute a photo, post a video, record a story or share a link. There are so many people across the Champlain Valley affected by the flooding, Voices for the Lake is a place to share your stories with others.

Here's my story-
I love skiing, sailing, gardening, ducks, frogs and even muskrats...but enough with the water already! I'm starting to feel like the worms that are crawling into my garage to keep from drowning--I've rescued as many as I can and I've relocated them to my raised strawberry beds. But, with my rain barrel over flowing for days now and my basement feeling cave-like, I'm not sure there is much drier or higher ground left in Burlington anymore. With tonight's forecast of snow at higher elevations and more rain on the way, I think we are all feeling a little soggy and worm-like.

Photos: Julie Silverman/ECHO (C)

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