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Monday, May 2, 2011

Wind and Water

Today the winds have been blowing steadily around 15 mph from the south creating whitecaps and moving more debris and water up onto southern shores. The Navy Memorial--home of the Lone Sailor--in ECHO's Hoehl Park are partially underwater. Someone braved the waves and flooded parking lot to give the Lone Sailor a 'staff' to steady himself against the waves.

Other brave adventurers took advantage of the wind to kiteboard on the waterfront while lunch-time spectators watched in amazement. It is rare to see kiteboarders launch airborne in Burlington Bay, a port usually busy with boat traffic but with the breakwater under feet of water and no boats to speak of--not even the die-hard UVM sailing team--a few hearty souls have the ocean-like harbor to themselves.

Stay up to date on waterfront weather, visit ECHO Lake Weather and the National Weather Service Burlington Lake Champlain Forecast.
Photos: Julie Silverman/ECHO (C)

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