As the Smart Grid Outreach Education interns, we have been working for the past few months to develo...

ECHO Summer 2011 Smart Grid Interns Say Goodbye!

As the Smart Grid Outreach Education interns, we have been working for the past few months to develop programs that build awareness about smart grid technology across Vermont. Although we would like to think our work has helped spread complete awareness about this topic to the boarders of Vermont and beyond, we realize that is a lot of work for one summer. So if you were wondering, the smart grid is the 21st century upgrade of the electrical grid. It utilizes digital communications technology to relay information between various parts of the grid. The smart grid communication network will enable better outage management and reduce the potential for large-scale blackouts. ‘Smart meters’ are part of the smart grid communication network and will replace your current electricity meters. These new meters can take power measurements and send them securely to you and your utility company. You can use the information collected by your smart meter to better manage and understand your electric use. Smart grid technology will also allow for better integration of solar, wind and other renewable resources into the electrical grid.

Wrapping up our time at ECHO, we hope that our guests have enjoyed the products of our work. We developed a display with informational panels about the smart grid as well as fun and interactive programs about peak power, the history of the electric grid, smart buildings, renewable energy, and power consumption, all in regards to the smart grid. We have had a wonderful time collaborating with the eEnergy Vermont Communications Working Group, Vermont’s utilities & transmission companies, renewable energy companies, consulting agencies, educational outreach programs, government agencies, technology companies and our guests. To all of our collaborators, sponsors and guests, we thank you. Your continued support, guidance and feedback made this project possible. We look forward to following the development and implementation of Smart Grid technology. Our display will remain present at ECHO for a few more weeks, so if you haven’t had the opportunity to make it down, we hope that you will have that chance before ECHOs next exciting exhibit comes alive.

Remember, you can have an impact. Smarter decisions regarding our electrical use will affect our future.

Very Sincerely,

Brianna Baker & Kristofor Sellstrom

(Photo left: Brianna, Linda Bowden & Kristofor. Photo right: Kristofor & Brianna)

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