It was a great idea. The fourth and fifth grade teachers at the Ferrisburgh Central School were all ...

Take Your Child's Class to Work ~ at ECHO!

It was a great idea. The fourth and fifth grade teachers at the Ferrisburgh Central School were all for it and the students were psyched. What was it? A road trip/class trip to ECHO!

And the exhibit du jour? GROSSOLOGY: The (Impolite) Science of the Human Body. A totally hilarious way to look at all the things our body does to keep us healthy. A home run for any kid...and, truth be told, for most adults.

Sure, some parents just take their own kids to work but most don't work at ECHO. When you work at ECHO, which I am privileged to do, you bring your kid's entire class to work!

And they had a great time. Here is a photo album of their day at ECHO.

But this was more than just a day away from the usual school day. This was work! In advance of the visit, the kids were provided with a multi-paged questionnaire by their science teacher, Ms. Elson. On it were things to discover and learn from the exhibit. This was mandatory class work and despite the seemingly silliness of the exhibit, there was some real important facts presented. And, believe it or not, the kids took this task very seriously, but with plenty of giggling and chatter involved. A lively group.

And that is what this exhibit does. It create conversation, involves the visitor in real learning and enterains all at the same time.

Like I said, a home run.

And getting to see my daughter and her school mates have a great time while learning, was like winning the world series. Oh, and the extra special hug I got from my daughter when I came home in the evening was pretty special too.

GROSSOLOGY will be at ECHO through the holidays with the last day being January 8th. I encourage all of you to come on down with your family and "enjoy the learning". Maybe you'll get some extra hugs too.

Happy Holidays!

Top photo: Ferrisburgh Central School student fills out their "homework" during her visit to ECHO
Bottom photo: ECHO's Director of Marketing and Communication, Gerianne Smart and her daughter Grace during her schools class trip to ECHO.

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