As the Volunteer & Intern Coordinator at ECHO, I have the good fortune to work with some wonderf...

Volunteer & Intern Appreciation Week Jan. 9 - 15

As the Volunteer & Intern Coordinator at ECHO, I have the good fortune to work with some wonderful people who help us carry out our mission on a daily basis. ECHO has approximately 150 volunteers & interns who provide over 8,500 volunteer hours per year and we are all extremely proud of their efforts and humbled by their dedication and hard work.

Who are these people? They are folks just like you, local residents, retired teachers, students from local colleges and universities ~a great mix of personalities and talent.

While we diligently recognize our volunteers and interns on a regular basis with a heartfelt thanks, coffee, or goodies like food or gifts, we all know that nothing beats a party! So, twice a year we throw a big bash for our volunteers and interns to celebrate their efforts and honor their service.

This time we are doing something a bit different. Starting January 9th to January 15th 2012, ECHO will host a week-long event to celebrate our volunteers and interns. We will have signs, decorations, food and gifts to give our hardworking crew, as well as door prizes, and a midweek luncheon with ECHO staff.

We are looking forward to congratulating these individuals who give so much time, experience and energy to ECHO and we'd like to involve our visitors too! During Volunteer and Intern Appreciation Week we encourage our local visitors and members to come in and say hello and thanks to our volunteers and interns. Each day an ECHO member will help us select the volunteer or intern who will win the door prize of the day!

We look forward to seeing you during Appreciation Week (January 9-15, 2012) when we commemorate the dedicated group of volunteers and interns who are at the heart of all we do, and for whose efforts we will be forever grateful.

Do you want to become an ECHO volunteer? You are welcome to find out more through our website or contact me directly at my email address.

Photos: Top Right-Volunteers at 2010 Appreciation Night
Bottom Left-Long-time volunteer, Alida Dinklage, spends time with visitors at the Champlain Sea Tank

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