Saturday evening the 24th of March proved a bit blustery and chilly outside, but inside the crowd wa...

Get Closer to the Lake Campaign Celebrated

Saturday evening the 24th of March proved a bit blustery and chilly outside, but inside the crowd warmed up to delicious hors d’oeuvres, good company, and a monumental chocolate fountain. 150 donors and supporters joined Senator and Mrs. Leahy to dedicate the Revision Lakeside Pavilion, Terrace, and the Omni Room. The highly anticipated expansion lived up to everyone’s expectations with music, multi-media slide shows, an impactful short film, and stunning views of the Adirondacks over the steel-grey, crashing waves of a stormy Lake Champlain.

Heartfelt remarks honored the vision of George Little, the philanthropy of Louis McClure, and the leadership of Senator Patrick Leahy. ECHO’s outgoing board member and Burlington’s incoming mayor, Miro Weinberger spoke to his role as co-chair of the campaign and his vision for a vital waterfront and strong partnership between ECHO and the city. ECHO’s closest friends gained insight into the vision that created ECHO and the love that Senator Leahy has for this lake and this institution. Lois McClure rounded out the remarks with a heartfelt account of her and her late husband’s passion for Lake Champlain and why ECHO is a vital institution for all residents and visitors to the Lake Champlain basin.

Now that the campaign has reached its $4.1 million goal, and the Revision Lakeside Pavilion and Terrace are a reality, ECHO looks ahead to developing programs, experiences, and resources that touch and impact our entire community. Next year we celebrate our 10th anniversary. Ten years of educating and delighting friends and neighbors with the Ecology, Culture, History, and Opportunity that our unique place in the world offers.

All it takes is one drop to change our world, to make a difference, to create a ripple that moves and rolls and merges with other ripples a perpetual motion of change and evolution. One building on the other, one dependent upon the other. All starting with one drop… to change an action, change direction, change a mind.

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