I'm working with ECHO's exhibit and education team this summer to develop an exhibit for a n...

Take a Spin with ECHO

I'm working with ECHO's exhibit and education team this summer to develop an exhibit for a new space called, the Action Lab. This exhibit will use a “spin browser” to take you, the visitor, on a virtual tour of Lake Champlain. A dial is used to control a movie-like tour as you “spin” forwards or backwards to find different places of interest on the Lake. You get  to control how fast or slow you move from place to place allowing you to explore at your own speed.

Spin Browser Wheel
Click here for details on spin browser technology.

We have lots of places we’d like our spin browser to take you to, but what we really want to show our visitors are the spots YOU find the most interesting.  What are your favorite spots on the Lake? What places on the Lake do you think tell a story about our region? Where would you tell someone to go that will just take their breath away?  

What do you think should be a part of this virtual adventure of Lake Champlain?

Burlington Waterfront Lighthouse
Some of the places we are thinking about include the  Fisk Quarry in Isle La Motte, where fossils from the world’s oldest reef can be seen. Or, how about diving down to the deepest part of the Lake near Split Rock?

I’ll be boarding the Melosira in June with a film crew to capture this visual journey on film for the new exhibit. Be a part of creating our first spin browser exhibit! Share your thoughts on what we should film by commenting below.  

Early next year, when our spin browser is up and running it will serve to create another opportunity for our visitors to experience and enjoy some of the ecology, culture and history that the Lake has to offer, and inspire folks through this journey to take a moment and make a difference to help care for Lake Champlain.

Written by Stephanie Larkin, Lake Champlain Basin Program

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