Summer is more than half way over and there seems to be a slight "panic" in the air as visitors and Vermonters alike scramble to m...

Mid-Summer Observations at ECHO

Summer is more than half way over and there seems to be a slight "panic" in the air as visitors and Vermonters alike scramble to make the most of the final six or so weeks of summer here.

We want to tell you, DON'T PANIC! Instead, head on down to the Burlington waterfront and stretch your summer out without stressing out.
Crowds gather on the waterfront in advance of the fireworks.

On the waterfront there have been bike races, running races, sailing races, long-boat races and a number of festivals celebrating beer, wine, cheese, history, music, food and the USA (the Independence Day fireworks)!

ECHO has been a busy place also, welcoming, educating and entertaining guests from as close as Burlington, Vermont to as far away as Bogota, Columbia. And no matter what the weather is like outside, the weather inside of ECHO is always just right.
Spiny softshell is the base to two map turtles basking.

Our animals seem very content and happy. The turtles, for instance, are just as happy swimming in the water as they are basking on the land below a heat lamp. They all seem to get along well, no matter their differences...spiny softshell, painted, map, what-have-you. They all share their habitat at ECHO without a fuss.

This summer, guests have more to enjoy than the usual fantastic offerings at ECHO, with the addition of the traveling exhibit OUR BODY, The Universe Within. This highly scientific exhibit is all about the human anatomy and the amazing structure that is our body. The exhibit is "behind closed doors" in a separate, but new section of ECHO that opened this past April. The OUR BODY exhibit will be at ECHO through September 3rd and it involves different ticket pricing which can now be purchased on line here.

To learn more about the OUR BODY exhibit check out this 30 second video below.  

Brian relaxes along the mist-wall at ECHO. Ahhh Summer!
So don't panic! Even Brian the dog knows how to relax near ECHO this summer! Come on down and visit ECHO and spend the day on the waterfront! We'll greet you with a smile, and a frog, and a turtle, and a snake and a fish and....more smiles. :-)

Gerianne Smart is ECHO's Director of Marketing and Communications

Photos: G. Smart (c) ECHO
30 sec. spot: created by Retro-motion

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