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Sunday, November 18, 2012

Volunteer of the Month - Charlotte Frank

We in the ECHO Animal Care Department are proud to have volunteer Charlotte Frank as a member of our team.  Charlotte joined us in March of 2011 and her enthusiasm, positive attitude, flexibility and hard work have served as a frequent reminder to all of us of what makes our volunteers great.  Whether its the fun of feeding our Lake Tank's fishes or the smelly drudgery of cleaning the cricket bin, Charlotte keeps a smile and  is always asking "What's next?"

Charlotte and Homer the snapping turtle
Charlotte is a busy lady and balances a busy schedule along with her volunteer work at ECHO. She is a full time student at the University of Vermont in the class of 2014. She is pursuing her major degree in Environmental Studies - Ecology & Conservation with no less than two minor areas of study, one in Environmental Science and the other in Film. She enjoys scuba diving, photography, skiing, and tap dance as well.

Please join us in thanking Charlotte for her dedication to ECHO and our animals. She truly is what makes ECHO a great place to work and a great place to visit.

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