Action Lab Opens May 18th! ECHO's exciting, new offering for teens and adults - The ...

Action Lab Opens May 18th!


Action Lab Opens May 18th!

ECHO's exciting, new offering for teens and adults - The Action Lab - officially opens on Saturday, May 18th. This new permanent exhibit focuses on how we can all participate in scientific research. Anchored by the Citizen Science bench, visitors can hone their observation skills that can be used out into the world. Different projects will be featured on this bench that you, our members and visitors, can contribute to. The interactivity of the state of the art Virtual Watershed Table will engage you for hours as you learn how water connects landscapes of all shapes.

In ECHO’s Action Lab you’re able to 
virtually visit attractions all around Lake Champlain with our new Spin Browser. Hop aboard the Melosira and join the adventure by pulling away from ECHO Aquarium and zipping under the Champlain Bridge, exploring Fort Ticonderoga and diving into the depth of the lake to visit the shipwreck of the General Buttler.

In addition to multiple engaging exhibit components, we are pleased to announce new educator-led programs are also being developed for this space. Guests will be able to learn how to identify various aquatic macroinvertebrates - which will help us identify how clean our streams and ponds are. Scientists talk about genetics and the role of DNA in our lives - but have you ever seen DNA? You’ll get the chance with the DNA Extraction program that will run periodically in the Action Lab. We’re working to create more and more teen and adult-oriented programming so everyone can learn something new when they visit ECHO.

Join us as we celebrate this long-awaited exhibit which includes special equipment, interactive programs, citizen science projects, and much more, all for our older guests. As a special thank you to our members, we are offering a citizen scientist gift for the first 150 members to visit the lab during the opening weekend.  Make sure you get here early!  

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