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Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Congrats to Animal Care Volunteer Graduates 2013!

We, the Animal Ambassadors of ECHO, hereby state our heartfelt thanks and congratulations to some of our favorite caretakers who will be donning caps and gowns as part of the University of Vermont graduating class of 2013.  Although we understand that each of you have lives outside of our little world, we will miss you.  You have kept us fed, watered, and healthy and for that we are grateful.  A few of us would like to say a few words to each one of you:
Ashley returning a baby turtle to a clean tank.
On behalf of this year's group of hatchling Eastern spiny softshell turtles, I'd like to congratulate Ashley Waldron for earning her B.S. in Biology from the School of Arts and Sciences. We wish her luck in her pursuit of career doing and teaching science.  We are glad that she's staying in Burlington to see us off to the wild this June.

-Eastern Spiny Softshell Turtle, no. 4

Brianna and a map turtle.

As part of ECHO's behind the scenes collection of Animal Ambassadors, myself and my fellow turtles would like to say "Thanks!" to Brianna Rainville for helping to keep our tanks nice and clean when she arrives on Sundays.  We hope that she remembers us fondly as she puts her B.S. in Environmental Studies  as she starts her new job working as an Energy Efficiency Represenative at EnSave, Inc. in Richmond, Vermont.

-Map turtle, Upstairs Animal Care

Pat returns a well-fed painted turtle to the Upper River

Although Pat Kemple has just joined us recently, I have been impressed with how quickly he has acquired the skills to keep us turtles in the Upper River fed and healthy.  If only there was an aquarium on campus from which we could watch you receive your B.S. in Wildlife Biology from the Rubenstein School of Natural Resources.  No doubt you'll bring the same enthusiasm to the Wellfleet Bay Wildlife Sanctuary this summer and wherever your westward travels take you after that.

-Painted turtle, Upper River Exhibit

Becca with a hatchling softshell turtle

We long skinny animals know we have a friend in Rebecca Eaton.  Despite her professed love of our warm-blooded mammalian brethren, she keeps my tank clean and tidy each Wednesday.  She has also taken a interest in keeping tabs on the weight of my buddy the juvenile milksnake.  We are confident that her B.S. in Biology from the School of Arts & Sciences and passion for animals will benefit wildlife as she pursues her interests in conservation biology and wildlife management.

-American eel

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