The 2012-2013 academic year was a great one for ECHO, in part because of the amazing group of teens in our teen leadership program, the E-...

Thank You E-Team!


The 2012-2013 academic year was a great one for ECHO, in part because of the amazing group of teens in our teen leadership program, the E-Team. Every year I get to be a part of this program is a treat, but this year had some highlights I just had to share.  

Enthusiastically communicating with guests
Every Wednesday afternoon, from October through May, twelve teens learned about lake science, stewardship, culture, and history. They honed  customer service skills, developed public speaking abilities, and became an integral part of our programming every weekend. Together, they learned nearly twenty-five programs, served over 1,500 hours working at ECHO, and helped run  programs on MLK Jr day, where we welcomed our largest audience to date,  1816 visitors!  

Making Buttons on a busy day!
Most recently the E-Team contributed to the Leahy Environmental Summit which took place here at ECHO May 29 and 30. They shared a video they created of stories they collected from interviews of people at ECHO and on Church Street Marketplace in Burlington. Folks answered questions about Lake Champlain and why they thought  clean water is important. 

This year the E-Team also coordinated and hosted the first E-Team reunion so past and present participants can keep in touch and share stories. 

Helping our visitors explore a deer skull
As if all this wasn't enough, the E-Team successfully hosted a Community Science Night  to celebrate the local mentoring community. More than 500 guests were delighted and entertained at an after hours event in March. 

A huge thank you to all the member of this year's E-Team from the entire staff at ECHO. Your dedication, energy, excitement, and commitment to our community is inspirational and we hope the lessons learned here at ECHO will help you as you grow to become young adults and the leaders of the next generation. 

Well done! 
Great work team - 
come back to ECHO soon!

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