Scotland has Nessy , Sweden has its Sea Monster .  Here in Vermont, we’ve got Champ! At our Champ Program This summer ECHO is cele...

Champ Sightings at ECHO

Scotland has Nessy, Sweden has its Sea Monster.  Here in Vermont, we’ve got Champ!

At our Champ Program
This summer ECHO is celebrating our local lake monster Champ in ways we never have before. Starting Saturday, August 3 and running until Sunday, August 11, ECHO will be abuzz with everything Champ.  ECHO has the privilege and honor of being the caretaker for the most famous photograph of Champ, taken in 1977 by Sandra Mansi. Come to our daily screening of an ECHO-exclusive short film about this photo and Ms. Mansi’s experience and see how this single photo has brought the message of Lake stewardship to thousands upon thousands of people.

Could this be what Champ looks like?

But have you seen ever seen Champ?
 Are you a believe or are you a skeptic? Regardless of where you stand on this issue, you’ll be excited to take part in a program that explores historical sightings, cultural significance, and scientific probability of Champ. Guests will learn about Cryptozoology (literally the study of hidden animals) and the other unexplained creatures “discovered” over the centuries like the Loch Ness Monster and Sasquatch.
Dressed up in Champ masks
Reading a Champ story to our youngest guests

We’ll have various activities on the floor throughout the week as well: Do you know what Champ looks like? Draw your own rendition of Champ and add it to our “Champ Gallery” just inside of the Dino exhibit. Want to let the world know if you believe in lake monsters or if you’re skeptical? Color and make your own Believer or Skeptic button and show it off with pride. If you want to become one with Champ pull up a seat to our face-painting station or join us at 4 p.m. every day for a Champ Parade. For our youngest visitors, we’ll be reading a story book about Champ every day!

In addition to all this fun, ECHO has teamed up with our local Baseball team!  Come join Champ and ECHO’s mascot, NEWTon, for home-runs, pop-flies, snacks, and lots of fun on Sunday, August 11th as the Lake Monsters baseball team take on the Crosscutters. When you call to purchase tickets, mention ECHO and some of your ticket purchase will support ECHO! To purchase ECHO benefit tickets call the Lake Monsters directly at 802-655-4200. 

For more information about ChampFest visit or call ECHO 877-324-6386

See you at ChampFest at ECHO, August 3 through August 11!

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