ECHO's Volunteers, Interns and E-Team Members are at the heart of ECHO's Mission . Currently over one hundred of these hearty and gi...

Volunteer & Intern Appreciation Week 2014

ECHO's Volunteers, Interns and E-Team Members are at the heart of ECHO's Mission. Currently over one hundred of these hearty and giving individuals work to "educate and delight" ECHO visitors on a daily basis and we are so grateful.

Animal Care Volunteer

Ranging in ages from 16 to 86, they take care of our animals, explain our exhibits, keep our buildling clean, all while creating a welcoming and engaging space. Interns assist with information technology, marketing, development, exhibits, events and guest services. 

Teen Leadership Team (E-Team) 2014

Morning meeting with volunteers
ECHO's diverse group of volunteers and interns bring their energy, experience and feedback to enhance and support all we do.  On average, their work totals 1,200 hours a month and during peak summer season it can be as much as 1,800 hours a month. The many hours spent with our guests and behind the scenes are much appreciated.  

Monday's Education volunteers and interns
To honor this amazing group of people, ECHO devotes a week to our volunteer family to recognize their efforts. Its a time for delicoius homemade food in the volunteer lounge, ECHO-themed gifts, pats on the back at every turn, and special treats from our staff and guests. It is also an important time for all of us to reflect on the impact this collective group of people have on ECHO as an instituion and on our guests as they teach messages of stewardship and caring for the Lake Champlain Basin. 

Animal Care Volunteer 

We all thank you ECHO Volunteers, Interns, & E-Team members. 

You make every day great for ECHO staff and even greater for our wonderful guests!
Guests interact with E-Team Members
Do you want to volunteer, intern or become an E-Team member at ECHO? Check out the information here and submit and application. 

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