ECHO VOLUNTEER SPOTLIGHT Meet Animal Care Volunteer Erica Ribeiro.   ECHO Volunteer Erica Ribeiro transports one of ECHO's t...


Meet Animal Care Volunteer Erica Ribeiro.  

ECHO Volunteer Erica Ribeiro transports one of ECHO's turtles during the morning feed time.

Erica joined ECHO's Animal Care Department in the fall of 2011. She has a lifelong natural connection to wildlife and wanted to be a part of ECHO and the larger mission of educating people about the importance of proper stewardship of Lake Champlain and the natural environment around it. Erica explains:

"Naturally, ECHO appealed to me because of their connection to the animals
and our community. I had heard wonderful things about the staff prior to applying,
so I thought why not give it a shot".  

While Erica thought volunteering at ECHO might be fun, she was hooked after a few hours and has been a consistent volunteer for the last two and half years.  Erica's experience and knowledge of ECHO's animal collection has grown immensely since she started, but her care and commitment towards the animals was unwavering from the start which makes her a valued volunteer.

"Having the opportunity to handle animals that are in my backyard and knowing
that I am making a difference for them is the most rewarding part of job." 

Originally from Rhode Island, Erica moved to Vermont at age eighteen. She has a lifelong passion for and interest in animals and has, since childhood, adopted an array of friends from rodents of all kinds, fish, iguanas, turtles, scorpions, to the most current members, hedgehogs. Owning hedgehogs sparked an interest in breeding them so Erica is currently working on attaining a breeder's license for hedgehogs in the state of Vermont. In addition, Erica is attending massage school and intends to pursue a career in this field following graduation in June 2014. Erica's five year old son, Tripp Danger, is also an ECHO fan, and shares his mom's passion for animals.

Erika, ECHO thanks you as well as your fellow Animal Care volunteers, for continuing to care for our animals and help them be healthy ambassadors that teach the importance of stewardship of the Lake Champlain watershed and all the world's watersheds. 

ECHO greatly appreciates your service!

Interested in joining ECHO's Volunteer Family? To learn more about ECHO's volunteer opportunities, please go to:

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