By Mary Penna/ECHO Note: This is the first in a multi-part series meeting the personalities that make ECHO special. He was just ...

Faces of ECHO: LC Hines

By Mary Penna/ECHO

Note: This is the first in a multi-part series meeting the personalities that make ECHO special.

He was just a freshman in high school when a friend recommended ECHO to him. Now as he prepares for the next chapter in his adult life, LC Hines is a seasoned pro.

Hines has been working with ECHO for what is about to be his fourth year. He started with the E-Team, a program for kids in high school to gain work experience. He gave it a try and has been a dedicated volunteer ever since. Right now, he is working as a camp counselor at the ECHO summer camp, mentoring kids.

Hines' excited spirit meshes well with those of the kids guides, making it easy to offer a fun and engaging summer learning experience.

For the past few years, he has served ECHO well and ECHO has been good to him, too.

“At ECHO, I have learned how to be professional in a professional environment” he said. “In the beginning, I came to show up and get volunteer hours, but eventually I grew to love it. I’ve become so much more interested in Lake Champlain and lake ecology.”

At ECHO, he has been able to practice his public speaking skills and hopes that continue that in his future. He cites the staff, the variety in exhibits, and the views from the top floor as his favorite aspects of the center, and his favorite sunset at ECHO was two winters ago when the sun was setting in the winter, and the lake was still covered in ice.

On the clear night the mountains were able to show through, and when the sunlight hit the ice it looked like fire. “The lake is one of my favorite parts about Burlington” Hines said.

Born and raised in Burlington, Hines is a rising senior Burlington High School and plans to attend Champlain College to focus on computer science, particularly app development and program design.

Hines clearly has a passion for technology as a self-proclaimed movie-buff. “Here at ECHO, everyone knows me as the movie guy,” he said. “If you point to me that is the first thing people think of.” His favorite movies are John Hughes titles like "The Breakfast Club." And "District 9" was the movie that got him interested in films and fueled his “extreme hobby.”

When not at ECHO, you can find him at FYE. In April after frequenting the store for movies, he was offered a job and has been employed there ever since. He also volunteers for other organizations: the Boys & Girls Club, Key Stone, and is a part of the steering committee for the Partnership for Change.

At the Boys & Girls Club he is a mentor for children and typically fills in whenever a full-time mentor is absent. All the kids know him very well, and because of this he is welcomed and always on call.

Through Key Stone, he works with programs, such as the Ronald McDonald House and the Food Bank to help other people and make a difference within the community. And with Partnership for Change, he oversees technology and infrastructure to hep the quality of education in the community.

As a Burlington native, Hines' sense of community truly shines through in his numerous volunteering positions and unbelievable dedication to community education.

“Everyone is always helping each other,” he said. “I’ve visited other places on road trips I can see the difference between those places and Burlington.”

This has played a role in his life and he has even affected Burlington’s giving community.

Can you spot a much younger LC Hines in this file photo? 

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