By Erin Murphy/ECHO (Photo: Erin Murphy/ECHO) A recent graduate from Middlebury College, Kristina Chesney is already at home in he...

Faces of ECHO: Kristina Chesney

By Erin Murphy/ECHO

(Photo: Erin Murphy/ECHO)

A recent graduate from Middlebury College, Kristina Chesney is already at home in her new position as development coordinator at ECHO. Previously, Chesney interned with ECHO as an event hostess and guest service representative at the front desk. She has also worked as a development intern & resort program coordinator at SOS Outreach in Colorado, and held similar positions in both Massachusetts and New York.

While Chesney said working the front desk was fun and she loved seeing guests’ faces as they experienced ECHO for the first time, she is excited to take on her new position.

“I want to continue to help raise money to build programs and make efforts towards events and giving campaigns,” she said.

In the role as development coordinator for ECHO, Chesney said her her two backgrounds-- event planning and science -- meet. Her mother is a science teacher in southern Vermont, where Chesney grew up.

“During the summers my mom ran a nature program at a farm. We would collect seeds and go to ponds and streams to catch all the critters, like frogs and salamanders,” she said. “I went every year for about six or seven years, so that was a lot of my summers.”

When she’s not at ECHO, Chesney loves spending time in the great Vermont outdoors. She likes to run, swim, and hike (her favorite spot is Camel’s Hump). She also loves skiing, which she’s been doing since the day before her second birthday.

“It was more like my dad pulling me around on skis in a parking lot, but it counts,” she laughed.

Though she’s been in her new position for less than a month, Chesney says her peers at ECHO have been nothing less than great.

““Everyone is really easy-going, nice, and supportive,” she said.

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