By Jessie Forand/ECHO  Photo courtesy of Groennfell Meadery  We're back with the next installment of Firkin Features, which ...

Firkin Features: Groennfell Meadery

By Jessie Forand/ECHO 

Photo courtesy of Groennfell Meadery 

We're back with the next installment of Firkin Features, which introduces you to the amazing producers you'll meet in just a couple of days! If you haven't snagged your Firkin Thursday tickets yet, what are you waiting for? Hop (get it, hop... beer...) on over to our site and get yours now. 

Today we bring to you Groennfell Meadery. Located in Colchester, they bring a unique perspective, and a tasty brew, to the Vermont scene. 

Tell us a little about the Firkin Thursday brew(s): what will you serve? What does it taste like? Have we had it before or is it completely different?

Our Firkin is a Grapefruit Mead which is a take on our slightly funky, session mead Mannaz. We added Grapefruit after initial fermentation and allowed a re-fermentiation. It has a clear honey backbone with a citrus-y aroma.

A little background about your brewery: when was it founded? Where? Why?

Groennfell Meadery was founded in 2013 in Colchester. We started as one of only four Craft Meaderies in the country and the only one in Vermont.

What is your role in the local/regional beer scene? (What sets you apart?)

All mead is made from honey, rather than grain (like beer) or apples (like cider). With all of the wonderful beer breweries in Vermont, we wanted to offer something cool, new, and genuinely unique.

Why Firkin Thursday? What are you most looking forward to about this event? Is this your first time?

We actually do a Firkin Friday at our Meadery every single week and have done so for two years. We were super excited to brew one of our most popular Firkins and bring it to a larger audience.

What else should our readers know about you? 

Our meadery is back behind Costco in Colchester, and we’re open Thursday - Saturday every week. We have a tasting room with free samples and tours! As a bonus, a new meadery, Havoc Mead, is now sharing our space with us!

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