Jessie Forand/ECHO  As we prepare for Firkin Thursday , next week at ECHO, we are taking time to meet some of the breweries featured! ...

Firkin Features: Keegan Ales

Jessie Forand/ECHO 

As we prepare for Firkin Thursday, next week at ECHO, we are taking time to meet some of the breweries featured! More than a dozen beer, cider, and mead makers will be on hand and it's sure to be a great night. 

For the first installment, here is a Q&A with Josh Brown from Keegan Ales

Tell us a little about the Firkin Thursday brews: what will you serve? What does it taste like? Have we had it before or is it completely different?

Raspberry Mother's Milk Stout - Raspberry with notes of espresso and chocolate - It is completely different

A little background about your brewery: when was it founded? Where? Why?

Keegan Ales was formed in 2003 in Kingston New York in the site of the former Woodstock Brewing Company which was defunct. The brewery had sat abandoned for years when the opportunity to bring it back to life was presented to Tommy Keegan, who was the head brewery at the Blue Point Brewery at the time. Tommy was looking for a change and a new place to settle with his family, so he jumped at the chance to start his own brewery. Keegan Ales brewed their first batch of beers on August 1st in 2003 and have won many awards since, including "Best Brewery in The Hudson Valley" and "Best Brewery in New York State." In 2010 Mother's Milk Stout was named "One of the ten best stouts in North America" by the New York Times.

What is your role in the local/regional beer scene? (What sets you apart?)

Keegan Ales was one of the pioneer craft breweries in the Hudson Valley, Metro NY and the entire state of New York, for that matter. Having a flagship stout has set us apart in a world of craft IPAs.

Why Firkin Thursday? What are you most looking forward to about this event? Is this your first time?

I attended the event last year and loved it. I'm looking forward to drinking some of the other tasty offerings from the other breweries who will be attending.

What else should our readers know about you?
I am the Director of Sales and Marketing at Keegan Ales along with having my hands in an assortment of other responsibilities. I can often be found pulling bottles off of the bottling line and palletizing cases or on a forklift loading trucks.... Whatever it takes to get our beers out of the brewery door and into thirsty consumers hands!

Keep checking in to meet more brewers, and grab your tickets now for this great event! 

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