By Erin Murphy/ECHO Tasting glasses and tickets from last year's event. We've been Otter Creek Brewing Otter Cre...

Firkin Features: Meet the rest of Thursday's breweries


By Erin Murphy/ECHO

Tasting glasses and tickets from last year's event.

We've been

Otter Creek Brewing

Otter Creek Brewing has been a Northeast and Mid-Atlantic staple since 1991-- “since acid-wash jeans were hip” as they say. Though Otter Creek is best known for their seasonal beers that rotate throughout the year as well as some collaborations and brewery-exclusive beers, they also operate with a focus on the environment and sustainability.

Otter Creek utilizes their Vermont home base by partnering with local farmers and remaining constantly on the lookout for ways to reduce waste.

Brown’s Brewing Co.

Back in 1993 Garry and Kelly Brown had a vision of turning a warehouse on River Street in Troy, New York into a brewpub. Though it took a few years and a lot of expansion down the street, once opened the Browns’ brewpub became an instant success on the Hudson waterfront.

Now, Brown’s Brewing Co. keeps over 25 different award-winning beers and lagers in rotation throughout the year, and their brewpub has at least ten beers on tap at any given time.

Urban Farm Fermentory

Urban Farm Fermentory is “not a brewery, a winery, or distillery”. Located in Portland, Maine, Urban Farm prides itself on its unique creations: they are best known for their kombucha, ciders and meads that they allow to ferment naturally while also experimenting with flavors to make their brews their own.

von Trapp Brewing

“A little of Austria, a lot of Vermont” is how von Trapp Brewing describes their hybrid brews. In Spring of 2010, after a decade of dreaming of a way to create an American version of the beer that was a huge part of his heritage, Johannes von Trapp opened von Trapp Brewery at the Trapp Family Lodge.

von Trapp Brewing works hard to create a beer for everyone: “Whether you prefer your beer light or heavy, hoppy or sweet, smooth or bold, you’ll find something to satisfy your palate.”

Shacksbury Cider

Though based in Middlebury, Vermont, Shacksbury Cider looks worldwide to find the best apples to create their carefully blended varieties of cider.

Starting in the classic apple trees of New England, Shacksbury works their way overseas to the orchards of England and Spain to pick the apples best grown cider making.

Zero Gravity Craft Brewery

In 2004, Zero Gravity Craft Brewery was launched  inside of another downtown Burlington, Vermont staple: American Flatbread Burlington Hearth. Lucky customers are able to pair the full range of Zero Gravity brews with some fantastic pizza in a partnership that’s been working for over a decade.

However, in the Spring of 2015, Zero Gravity opened another brewery in the Burlington Arts District in order to meet the demands of off-premises sales. Zero Gravity is in the business of making classic beers great, and do so by paying great attention to their technique and recipes.
Try Mungo Berry, infused with Hibiscus and dry-hopped with Hallertau Balnc, at Firkin Thursday!

Frost Beer Works

Frost Beer Works is a Vermont company through and through. Based in Hinesburg, their pale ales and IPAs often feature citrus flavors and Vermont’s own ale yeast. Their brews are sold at locations all over the state, in stores and restaurants both big and small.

Crop Bistro & Brewery

Crop Bistro prides itself on being a family and friends meeting point, where everyone can enjoy in-house brewed beer and delicious food. Crop’s draught list offers a beer style for everyone: American, English, German, and Czec beers can all be found in their bistro or at their brewery in Stowe, Vermont.

Wormtown Brewery

Before Wormtown Brewery formally opened the doors to their own Worcester, Massachusetts space in January 2015, they spent 5 years creating beer in an ice cream stand. Though their road to being established was not an easy one--and it seems they have many stories they love to tell--their “labor of love” shows as they continue to win awards for their brews.

Through year round, seasonal, and “underground” beers, Wormtown looks to brew something for everyone, and hang out with everyone while new friends enjoy what Wormtown creates.

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