By Erin Murphy/ECHO (Photo by Erin Murphy/ECHO)   “I have a history of being nonprofits’ first CFO,”  David Bardaglio laughed. After ...

Faces of ECHO: David Bardaglio

By Erin Murphy/ECHO

(Photo by Erin Murphy/ECHO)
 “I have a history of being nonprofits’ first CFO,”  David Bardaglio laughed. After being the inaugural financial head at a handful of different organizations, he made the move to ECHO.

And while he is not the first in his position here, Bardaglio brings a unique perspective and different direction to the work. He brings with him a wealth of knowledge from his work over the last 35 years.

His interest in this field, and his personal passion for environmental issues, started back in college.

Bardaglio was a sophomore at Pennsylvania’s Bucknell University when the Three Mile Island nuclear power plant accident happened nearby. This is regarded as the worst in United States nuclear power plant history.

“I became a very involved student,” he said. “I started going to rallies protesting nuclear power and was there when movements started around the oil crisis. Then I organized a three-day conference about environmental and energy efficiency.”

That conference led to an internship at the Institute for Local Self-Reliance in Washington D.C., where Bardaglio later became business manager. He said the Institute was well ahead of its time in terms of the initiatives it was trying to implement.

“They were trying to get local economy awareness and curbside recycling to be popular in 1980,” Bardaglio said.

After the Institute for Local Self-Reliance, Bardaglio went on to work at the International Institute for Environmental Conservation where he got to travel to Bangkok and London before he relocated to the Vermont Energy Investment Corporation.

“What I’ve found is that I can really work anywhere, because every place most likely needs an in-house accountant,” Bardaglio explained. In June that place became ECHO, and Bardaglio became the Director of Finance and Administration.

When he isn’t at ECHO Bardaglio is an avid skier and also loves biking, hiking, and camping.

“The great thing about living right in Burlington is that you’re so close to Vermont,” Bardaglio laughed, giving a nod to Vermont’s regional differences.

As a student, Bardaglio really liked being able to take his business degree and apply it to the cause he’s passionate about. He’s carried that ideal throughout his career, and now has brought it to ECHO.

“It’s different working here because it’s a place the public comes every day. It’s fun,” Bardaglio said. “It’s also interesting working at a place that’s so established and well-known in the area: when I tell someone I work at ECHO, they know exactly what I’m talking about.”
(Photo by Erin Murphy/ECHO)

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