Hello World - Graphics Intern Rhea Hayes here! Normally I live in the world of videos and social media, but today I decided to cross the l...

Walking through ECHO...

Hello World - Graphics Intern Rhea Hayes here!

Normally I live in the world of videos and social media, but today I decided to cross the lake over into the blog world to tell you all a little about what happens on a normal day at ECHO!

On an average day here at ECHO I'll come in, say hello to my favorite snapping turtle friend, Homer, and log in to ECHO's social media platforms. My favorite to use right now is Snapchat (@echovt), where I'll take pictures or short videos of the "happenings" throughout the day!

Today I decided to focus on the volunteer tables scheduled on the daily events calendar to see what they were up to, and it lined up to be a pretty exciting day.

At 2 PM the Monarch table was set up and ready to go, so I decided to check it out! The table was being run by volunteer Rachel and she was pretty excited to talk to me about the exhibit. Not only could visitors learn about the butterflies and look at pictures, but they could also color their own life cycle wheel, pictured above! Check out the pictures below, those pictures are all monarchs!!

I was able to talk to Rachel a little bit about the table, but it wasn't long before visitors arrived to check it out themselves. I snapped a few more pictures, but then I was off to check out the next event of the afternoon!

At 3 PM it was time to feed the fish! This exhibit focuses on the Fish of the Basin in our Under the Lake room! The trout and salmon that live in this exhibit were speeding in circles around the tank ready for dinner time. It was pretty cool watching how they reacted to feeding time, it reminds me of how my dogs act around dinner time! Check out the 30 second video below taken during the prime time of the exhibit. 

These are just two examples of the many stations, tables, and presentations that are going on during the average day at ECHO. Check out the daily schedule on our website on any given day to see what will be going on, or stop on in to see for yourself! 

Thanks for checking out my blog post - feel free to check out what I'm doing on Snapchat (@echovt) or Instagram (@echo_vt)! 

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  1. Thanks for the blog post buddy! Keep them coming...Welspun

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