By Jessie Forand/ECHO Heineberg Senior Center in Burlington's New North End. (Jessie Forand/ECHO) At the Heineberg Center in ...

You Give, We Give Vol. 2

By Jessie Forand/ECHO

Heineberg Senior Center in Burlington's New North End. (Jessie Forand/ECHO)

At the Heineberg Center in Burlington’s New North End on a sunny fall afternoon, Bingo calls are loud and clear. Upstairs a sign asks yoga students to remove their shoes before stepping onto the new hardwood floor.

Some might overlook this as a potential recipient for You Give, We Give passes, but it is a great one.

“They love it,” Heineberg Executive Director Pam Slattery said of the benefits of ECHO Open Door, the overarching community outreach program created to assure all community members can enjoy ECHO.

This year Slattery plans to apply for the You Give, We Give matched memberships, allowing the seniors with whom she works the opportunity to make regular ECHO visits with their grandchildren, great-grandchildren, or by themselves. During the You Give, We Give running now through Jan. 31, any new or renewed memberships purchased will be matched by ECHO to allow those in the community who may not have the means to buy a membership full access to ECHO’s programming and exhibits.

“The 2 dollar tickets are one thing, but if they could have a membership to go all the time, to maybe have a grandmother or grandfather bring their grandchild on a consistent basis to all the new things that they advertise at ECHO, it would really be like ‘Grandma time’ or ‘Grandpa time,’ sharing this educational opportunity with a grandparent,” Slattery said.

Pam Slattery of the Heineberg Senior Center (Jessie Forand/ECHO)

The donations received from ECHO are greatly appreciated, because, as Slattery explained, today’s seniors are often too proud to ask. Nearly everyone at Heineberg is on a fixed income, and all have worked hard during their lives to provide for themselves and their families. Now is the time for the community to give back to them, and to offer to them something they can use to enjoy their golden years.

For the Heineberg seniors, a trip to ECHO offers quality family time; a chance to see something they wouldn’t otherwise see while spending the day with their loved ones. Many don’t worry about what programming is happening on a particular day, Slattery said, they just go to go and because they like to visit.

Many of the men and women have spent their lives in Burlington, and they love it. Visiting ECHO means a trip to the waterfront, the chance for a stroll and to sit by the water and reflect on their lives, Slattery said.

Heineberg Senior Center (Jessie Forand/ECHO)

Older people need to stay active to stay healthy and happy, Slattery explained.  

“Socializing or playing a game, they’re using their brain, it’s really good for seniors to play Bingo, it makes a totally different awareness of people around them and places around them, and going to ECHO is just one of the fun things,” she said, where “everything is done for them and they can just relax and enjoy it.”

When you support ECHO’s You Give, We Give program, you are supporting members of the Burlington community. Buy or renew your membership now to make a difference in someone’s life.

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