By Bianca Roa/ECHO Photo: Bianca Roa Hello ECHO family! I’m back again to look at Champ Lane , but this time through the eyes of...

Champ Lane Gets Parents Seal of Approval!

By Bianca Roa/ECHO

Photo: Bianca Roa
Hello ECHO family! I’m back again to look at Champ Lane, but this time through the eyes of the parents. Members were given a chance to test out the exhibit before the official opening on Feb. 13, and while the kids are off playing, I took a moment to speak with the grown-ups about what exactly they thought of the space.

Photo: Jessie Forand

I first talked to Erin, a mother of one boy and girl both with full heads of blonde hair. She hadn’t been there long, and Champ Lane had already made some big impressions. 

“This space is looks much better than how it did before. It’s really beautiful in here, and I wasn’t expecting the detail that the designers put into making it all interactive,” she said.

Photo: Bianca Roa
She wasn’t the only one to noticed. Fellow mother Julie was taken by the paintings by Candy Barr that fill the walls: “The mural is so beautiful. It is my favorite part by far. I could stand here and look at it forever.”

Julie also pointed out the tree house, saying “I really like the how the exhibit uses natural materials. So many other places will use that synthetic wood, but the branches makes the space really feels like nature.”

On the other hand, a sweet grandmother of three-year-old twins named Wendy was worried that it might look scary to children. 

“My grand-kids are cautious so they weren’t sure about the tree house at first," she said, "but after thirty minutes, they warmed up to the slide and now can’t stop going down the slide!”

Photo: Jessie Forand
While they were warming up to the idea of the tree house, Wendy’s grand-kids gravitated to other areas. One thing she appreciated was the spaciousness of Champ Lane.

“I really like how open it is in here. I have the twins with me, so when one wanted to play with the boats in the water and the other went straight toward the kitchen, I really appreciated that I could watch over both of them and not have to worry,” she said.

Photo: Bianca Roa
It’s exciting to know that we are getting the parent’s seal of approval. We are still making sure to make Champ Lane the best it can be before Feb.13, but so far seems to be off to a great start!

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