Your Neighbors. Share the Wonder. By Jessie Forand/ECHO In the first month of You Give, We Give, we met one-third of our goal, ...

You Give, We Give - Final Week!

Your Neighbors. Share the Wonder.

By Jessie Forand/ECHO

In the first month of You Give, We Give, we met one-third of our goal, selling more than 260 memberships. Thanks to you, our supporters, who continue to make this a success.

Just off the main drag, the Winooski Family Center offers a warm and inviting atmosphere for a diverse group of people to meet, play, and learn together.

The center sees mainly infants to children 5 years old, said Program Director Karen Prosciak, and many of their families simply can’t afford to do things out in the community.

That is where organizations like ECHO come in. Field trips, $2 day passes, and more allow these young children to explore, do something out of the ordinary, and learn a little more about their community.

When membership are purchased or renewed during the holiday season, ECHO matches the memberships and distributes them to more than 35 local service agencies. The You Give, We Give membership passes can make a huge difference for the families.

These passes have helped families with interested kids visit ECHO over and over throughout the year, Prosciak said. This makes a lasting connection as repeat visits ensure a different experience for each child.

And when the Family Center takes field trips, the group can continue their learning later on, asking the children, “Remember when we went to ECHO?” she said.

In addition, visiting ECHO promotes interaction with caregivers, Prosciak explained, providing the opportunity for kids and their guardians to share in the learning process.

Prosciak noted that what kids learn at ECHO helps tie them to their community and offers a hands-on experience with nature.

She added the You Give, We Give program and its parent Open Door project serve as great reminders for everyone in the area that not all are able to afford an ECHO membership. This is a privilege that often taken for granted.

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