Editor's Note: As we prepare for the opening of our new exhibit Champ Lane on Saturday, we at ECHO would like to introduce you to our p...

Meet Our Partner: Let's Grow Kids

Editor's Note: As we prepare for the opening of our new exhibit Champ Lane on Saturday, we at ECHO would like to introduce you to our partners Let's Grow Kids. Read about why they are excited for Champ Lane below:

Let’s Grow Kids is thrilled to partner with ECHO, Leahy Center for Lake Champlain on its new early learning permanent exhibit, Champ Lane.

Photo courtesy of Let's Grow Kids
We know that, for our youngest children, playtime is more than just fun: It’s learning and development. Science tells us that during the first years, a child’s brain forms 700 - 1000 new connections every second, laying a foundation for social-emotional development, learning and skill-building. Connections that are used are strengthened, while those that aren’t stimulated are lost through a natural process called pruning. This means that a child’s earliest experiences influence his or her brain development—and that helping our children build strong brains means giving them stimulating learning opportunities from day one.
We love that Champ Lane presents so many different opportunities for children to learn through play. “Shopping” at the market and “preparing food” in the kitchen help children learn problem solving, planning and teamwork. Engaging their senses at the water table inspires children to experiment and be creative. Navigating the treehouse and slide gives kids the opportunity to practice physical coordination and build confidence. In the Booknook alcove, children can connect with their caregivers in a quiet space, focusing on the nurturing relationships that are key to their emotional development. And all of these activities in the company of other children encourage social skill-building.
We at Let’s Grow Kids look forward to using this wonderful space to connect with like-minded Vermonters who are passionate about giving children a strong start—whether through formal gatherings for parents or child care providers or simply through engaging one-on-one in an inspiring place full of children learning through play.
We are grateful to ECHO, Leahy Center for Lake Champlain for teaming up with us on this great project for the benefit of Vermont’s children. Now let’s go play.

About Let’s Grow Kids:

Every child deserves a strong start and equal chance in life. Let’s Grow Kids is a public awareness and engagement campaign about the important role that high-quality, affordable child care can play in supporting the healthy development of Vermont’s children during their first five years—the most important years for laying a foundation for success in relationships, in school and in life. Because Vermont’s shortage of high-quality, affordable child care is a serious challenge for our communities and our economy, our goal is to gain public support leading to increased, sustainable investment that gives all children the chance to reach their full potential.

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