By Bianca Roa/ECHO Hello again ECHO family! For our first celebration of love, I'd like to share a story from Chrissy Baldwin. She is...

Share The Love: Josh and Chrissy's Story!

By Bianca Roa/ECHO

Hello again ECHO family! For our first celebration of love, I'd like to share a story from Chrissy Baldwin. She is the event coordinator here at ECHO, and submitted the sweet journey of how she met and fell in love with her husband Josh.

Josh and Chrissy dancing at their wedding in 2015.

"When I was 11 years old, my family and I were headed to dinner and my dad, the owner of an excavation company, had to stop first at a job site. It was here that this cute blonde haired boy drove up on a four-wheeler to my brother's window and from then on I was in 'love.' I later learned his uncles owned the farm up the hill from our house and he would mow the fields next to us. When he was out, I would be found laying on the hill watching and daydreaming of being together or bribing my sister and brother to go on a four-wheeler ride to catch a glimpse of him."

Josh and Chrissy's first photo together in 2009.

"The years passed and we would go to the annual Addison County Fair and Field Days where my mom would spot him and say, 'Chrissy, look, there's Josh Baldwin,' which would cause me to blush and hide behind her. When I turned 16, I got my first real job as a gas station attendant at a full service station in Vergennes. One day while I was at school, I got a text from my mom, who was the book keeper at the station, saying 'you'll never guess who I got a hug from - JOSH BALDWIN!' Start the heart flutters! I got so excited wondering if and when he would come in when I was working. Not long after he did every time from then on that he came I would call my mom in excitement saying I got to see him."

"After a month of this, he finally gave me his number, and I was thrilled. After a lot of talking, he finally asked me on a date where I spilled ice cream on myself and I swear he could see my hear pounding out of my chest. I met his parents and after hanging out for weeks, he asked me to be his girlfriend! Four years flew by, during which we bought ten acres of land, and on our fourth anniversary, we had a trip planned to Maine for a mini vacation to celebrate the occasion. That morning before we left, he made up a story saying he had a bad dream that we were fighting about where we wanted to put our house on our land and that he couldn't leave for Maine until we went there and decided. So at eight in the morning we walked out to our land, discussed the location of our someday home, and then he got down on one knee! Of course I said YES!"

Their engagement day in 2013.

"Two years later on our 6-year anniversary, we got married on our land with a reception at my parents' barn structure. Weddings are my favorite events to plan, and I had a blast bringing together all of the details for our big day! I look at him everyday and think back on this story and can't believe the boy I happened to fall in love with when I was 11 is now my husband. As I like to say, everything happens for a reason and dreams really do come true!"

Their beautiful wedding ceremony in 2015.

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