By Bianca Roa/ECHO Editor's Note: Our Share the Love series focuses on love in all forms. Romantic love, love of what you do, and lo...

Share the Love: Meg & Kevin

By Bianca Roa/ECHO

Editor's Note: Our Share the Love series focuses on love in all forms. Romantic love, love of what you do, and love of our lake. This is in conjunction with XOXO: An Exhibit About Love & Forgiveness, at ECHO now. 

Meet Meg Lapan, ECHO's Event and Sales Manager. She works with brides to make their special day the best it can be, so naturally her personal journey is a truly inspiring one. 

Meg and her husband Kevin, have known each other for a long time and understand what it takes to make a relationship last. Their story proves that love is about actively choosing the other person.

It all began back when Meg was just 15. The September of her sophomore year of high school, she started her first job at the local pizza place where she met 19-year-old Kevin.

Their interactions started off very shy, so much so that Meg said the two couldn't look each other in the eye when they said hello. 

Eventually they managed to get over the initial nervousness and began talking outside of work in the spring. By the time summer came around, Meg and Kevin were hanging out regularly.

Meg said she knew the exact moment when she realized that she had feelings for Kevin - he was contemplating a move to Maryland, and she cried at the thought of them being apart. Thankfully he chose not to go and they started seeing each other romantically. 

Their first official date was at Pizza Putt, and Meg recalled how innocent they were as they held hands. 

After Oct. 28, 2006, when they started dating, Meg and Kevin had to work to make it work. 

Kevin was four years older than Meg, he had a full time job while she finished her last two years of high school. Then when Meg pursued a degree at Champlain College, they did their best to make their relationship a priority despite having less time together.

They were in different places in their life, Meg said, but the two loved each other and they kept finding ways to get past the hurdles.

In the end, it all paid off, and almost 10 years after they started dating, Meg and Kevin were happily married on Aug. 29, 2015. 

If there is anything I've learned from their story, it is that if you find someone special all the hard work and compromise is worth it.

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