By Jessie Forand/ECHO On Wednesday ECHO STEM Education Coordinator Chris Whitaker and a group of students from Burlington High School...

Photo Essay - A trip to Conant Metal and Light

By Jessie Forand/ECHO

On Wednesday ECHO STEM Education Coordinator Chris Whitaker and a group of students from Burlington High School ventured to Burlington's South End to Conant Metal and Light.

The well-known maker space is the starting point for custom works of all sizes, repairs, and more. A giant rhinoceros seeming to have poked its head through the wall marks the spot.

This particular journey allowed the students, in greats 9-12 continue their work with Whitaker for an end-of-the-year project, in which they too will become "makers." Conant and Tyler Vendituoli, a custom designer and maker at the store, explained how inspiration strikes and the ways in which they create tangible pieces from abstract ideas.

 Follow along on the trip, with photos from ECHO's Jessie Forand:

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