Good morning to everyone ; It is that time of the year again at ECHO where we have new and exciting activities and exhibitions planned f...

Exploring Run, Jump, Fly with ECHO's new Interns

Good morning to everyone ;

It is that time of the year again at ECHO where we have new and exciting activities and exhibitions planned for the Summer of 2016. As a new summer begins, so do the new interns and volunteers, join ECHO to become a part of our ever-growing community to inspire and learn from each other. My name is Ali Usuloglu and I am the new Graphic Communications Intern. Next to me is Vanessa Anderson who is ECHO's new Communications Intern. As a team , we are dedicated to bring new breath into ECHO with our activities and programs planned for the summer.

Ali Usuloglu

Age: 21

Sign : Gemini

Favorite Food : Kebab

I am from Istanbul , Turkey.I am a rising senior who majors in `Creative Media` ; focusing on visual arts and sonic arts. My goal is to breathe new fresh air to ECHO and become part of this dedicated goal-driven community and further extend the principles and ethos of ECHO by creating activities for the young kids and their parents who visit the aquarium.

Vanessa Anderson

Age: 20

Sign: Capricorn

Favorite Food : Avocados

My name is Vanessa Anderson and I am a junior Public Communications major at the University of Vermont, originally from Ithaca, NY. Growing up on Cayuga Lake I was immediately attracted to Lake Champlain after moving to Burlington. Which is one of the many reasons I am thrilled about being ECHO's new Social Media intern. This summer I am hoping to not only work on my writing skills, but also on my photography and videography skills.


Run, Jump, Fly is ECHO's newest traveling exhibit where children can but their skills to the test at a variety of action-packed stations. From the Flycycle Sky to the Kung Fu forest, each station is meant to showcase a different part of being active such as, strength, endurance, and balance.  Each visitor receives a "passport" when they enter to get stamped after they complete each activity and on the back of the passport is a checklist to encourage 60 minutes of physical activity every day encouraging the learning and more importantly playing to continue outside of ECHO. Interacting with this exhibit definitely made me feel like a kid again although I am nowhere near as good at the monkey bars as I once was in my prime (check it out in the video below). The exhibition offers younger kids an excellent way to learn more about healthy living while offering them a unique and fun way of interacting with different stations that are mentioned above. While visiting we saw that the rock climbing walls, slides, surfboards, and yoga stations intrigued visitors and parents alike. And a great part about this exhibit is that it adds a more active component to ECHO, not only do younger guests have a chance to play while learning how physical activity benefits their bodies and minds, they also get to let out some energy.

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